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Position Salary Closes
Data Analyst $106,432 - $115,211 (UOM 7)
Providing data analysis, insights and advice to support Melbourne’s academic strategy!
Academic Programs Officer, Scheduling $83,159 - $95,518 (UOM 5)
Support the Timetabling Transformation project, driving innovation and stakeholder relationships within the Melbourne Dental School's Academic Programs team.
Academic Programs Project Coordinator, Scheduling and Systems $96,459 - $104,413 (UOM 6)
Coordinate the Melbourne Dental School Timetable Transformation Project, driving continuous improvement and innovation while fostering strong stakeholder relationships.
Subject Coordinator PCP3 $119,231 - $141,581 (Level B)
Shape future doctors by coordinating a key clinical subject and fostering integrated patient care in the Melbourne Doctor of Medicine
Honours Team Coordinator $106,432 - $115,211 (UOM 7)
Manage admissions and student enrichment for Honours and Master's programs, enhancing experiences through continuous support improvements.
Student Recruitment Officer $96,459 - $104,413 (UOM 6)
Lead recruitment efforts, manage events, and enhance university accessibility for domestic students
Technician in Anatomic Pathology $83,159 - $95,518 (UOM 5)
Opportunity to utilise and develop specialised skills and technical expertise in PM examinations.
Academic Programs Officer $83,159 - $95,518 (UOM 5)
Play a central role ensuring that staff and students are supported in the delivery of the Faculty of Education’s programs.
Research Assistant, Nitrogen Management in Grain Crops (Dookie Campus) $76,210 - $83,468 (RA Grade 1)
Support the practical implementation of agronomic field experiments.
Research Fellow – Nitrogen Cycling in Soil (Dookie Campus) $83,468 - $113,262 (Level A)
Contribute to research related to improving Nitrogen use efficiency in Australian grain cropping.
Lecturer in Analytical/ Environmental Chemistry (Women Only)
Engage in collaborative research within the University of Melbourne, with access to advanced research infrastructure and platforms.
Project Manager $106,432 - $115,211 (UOM 7)
Lead a groundbreaking national trial at the forefront of infectious disease research.
Research Fellow Membrane Modelling $83,468 - $113,262 (Level A)
Join our team as a Research Fellow to lead groundbreaking ion transport modeling! Apply now!
Employee Experience Specialist $119,742 - $129,607 (UOM 8)
Shape the employee journey as our Employee Experience Specialist! Design impactful programs to boost culture, performance, and engagement across a broad professional staff portfolio.
Senior Integration Developer $139,693 - $145,339 (UOM 9)
Lead innovative integration solutions to track and enhance student engagement across a dynamic ecosystem, driving student lifecycle management within the Digital Products CoE.
Dean, Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology Senior Executive
The University of Melbourne seeks a talented Dean to lead the Faculty of Engineering & Information Technology (FEIT) into its next phase.
Postdoc Research Fellow - ARC Centre of Excellence for Automated Decision-Making and Society $83,468 - $113,262 (Level A)
Join Australia's top researchers in the humanities, social sciences, and technology to shape the future of responsible, ethical, and inclusive automated decision-making.
Lecturer in Nursing $119,231 - $141,581 (Level B)
Elevate nursing education through innovative teaching and inter-professional collaboration
Executive Officer, Communications and Marketing $106,432 - $115,211 (UOM 7)
Are you ready to elevate your career to the next level as an exceptional executive-level administrator?
Coordinator, Professional Experience Placement $83,468 - $113,262 (Level A)
Join our team to coordinate clinical placements, support teaching, and enhance nursing education.

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