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Position Salary Closes
Professor in Criminology $217,805 (Level E)
Join an eclectic team of interdisciplinary scholars within Australia’s leading Arts faculty.
Early Childhood Educator - Cert III & Diploma $63,968 - $70,628 (UOM 3)
Calling all committed Educators to APPLY NOW if you can advocate for children, critically reflect on their teaching and can professionally document and analyse children’s learning and development.
Research Officer in Clinical Multi-Omics $80,258 - $108,906 (Level A)
We are looking for a highly motivated individual with expertise in biological mass spectrometry and clinical metabolomics.
Post Doctoral Clinical Research Fellow (Acute Cardiorespiratory) $80,258 - $108,906 (Level A)
Join our renowned cardiorespiratory rehab research team, coordinating impactful projects and growing as an independent researcher.
Research Fellow in Statistics $80,258 - $108,906 (Level A)
Contribute to cutting-edge research in non and semiparametric curve estimation!
Student Industry Experience Coordinator $92,749 - $100,397 (UOM 6)
Coordinate multiple initiatives to drive employability outcomes for students and contribute to an inspired and positive student experience.
Chief People Officer Senior Executive
An exciting opportunity presents itself to be the University’s next Chief People Officer (CPO).
Research Strategy Project Officer $102,338 - $110,780 (UOM 7)
Join us as a Project Officer and contribute directly to the University’s research and performance!
Team Leader, Inbound Programs (Student Success) $102,338 - $110,780 (UOM 7)
Seeking a Team Leader to manage a small team and deliver exciting experiences and projects to students!
Project Manager (Institute for the Future of Business) $134,320 - $139,749 (UOM 9)
Support the Executive Director in successful ideation, design, development and delivery of a broad variety of strategic and operational projects that deliver value to, and support the achievement of the strategic objectives of the Institute, Faculty and Business School.
Project Manager (Centennial) $134,320 - $139,749 (UOM 9)
In 2024 our Faculty turns 100 years old. Support successful development and delivery of a series of projects and events launched in 2024-2025
Pre-Clinical Laboratory Technician $79,961 - $91,844 (UOM 5)
Pre-Clinical Lab Tech provides technical assistance, collaborates with staff, and ensures requirements are met for dental education activities.
School Operations Project Officer $79,961 - $91,844 (UOM 5)
Exciting opportunity to support Operations within the School of BioSciences!
Strategic Projects Advisor $115,137 - $124,622 (UOM 8)
Join us as a Strategic Projects Advisor, where innovation meets opportunity in driving transformative initiatives for the Faculty!
Teaching Specialist in Radiology $140,433 - $161,926 (Level C)
Transforming Radiology education by delivering quality and coordinated programs, transitioning to digital teaching formats at the University of Melbourne.
Automation Developer $102,338 - $110,780 (UOM 7)
Explore your talent and develop your skills in programming, data and web technologies!
Student Engagement Project Officer $92,749 - $100,397 (UOM 6)
Cultivate student engagement and empower employability through strategic initiatives, partnerships, and authentic learning experiences.
Production Coordinator (Screen) $79,961 - $91,844 (UOM 5)
Bring creative visions to life as a Production Coordinator in the Faculty of Fine Arts and Music. Join our team and shape captivating visual experiences.
Arts Faculty Librarian $134,320 - $139,749 (UOM 9)
Empower creativity and knowledge. Lead library services, engage faculty, and drive impactful programs as the Arts Faculty Librarian.
Legal Services Administrator (MDHS/STEM) $79,961 - $91,844 (UOM 5)
Provide outstanding service and day-to-day general administration and operational support to the Directors of MDHS and STEM and their teams.

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