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Position Salary Closes
Senior Scholarships Lead, FBE, EDUCN & MLS $106,432 - $115,211 (UOM 7)
Lead scholarship selection and management, driving service excellence and continuous improvement
Scholarships Officer (FBE, EDUCN, MLS) $83,159 - $95,518 (UOM 5)
Streamline scholarship processes and support students in a dynamic, collaborative environment.
Campus Life Services Officer $83,159 - $95,518 (UOM 5)
Enhance student living experiences across diverse rural campuses and accommodation sites
Post Doctoral Research Fellow in Mindfulness & Mental health $119,231 - $141,581 (Level B)
Drive pioneering research in personalised mindfulness training shaping mental health outcomes.
Cloud DevOps Engineer $106,432 - $115,211 (UOM 7)
Contribute to ARDC Cloud Services team, fostering national and international collaborations, through shaping cloud and storage services for research.
Research Assistant (Indigenous Epidemiology & Health) $83,468 - $113,262 (Level A)
Contribute to research that draws on the strengths and knowledge of Indigenous peoples and communities
Lecturer/Senior Lecturer Veterinary Services and Farm Consultancy (Mackinnon Project) $146,050 - $168,403 (Level C)
Deliver veterinary clinical and farm consultancy services, research, and education under the Mackinnon Project.
Senior Laboratory Officer $96,459 - $104,413 (UOM 6)
Lead laboratory compliance programs and promote a safe, efficient, and dynamic academic environment.
Laboratory Officer (Multiple Opportunities) $83,159 - $95,518 (UOM 5)
Manage and ensure the safety, compliance, and operational efficiency of laboratories within the Faculty of Science
School Operations Manager $139,693 - $145,339 (UOM 9)
Lead the professional team to develop and implement systems, policies and procedures, as well as managing resources to ensure the school’s effective and efficient functioning
Administration Officer (The Melbourne Biodiversity Institute) $76,901 - $81,615 (UOM 4)
Provide high-quality administrative support to the Melbourne Biodiversity Institute
Program Manager (The Melbourne Biodiversity Institute) $119,742 - $129,607 (UOM 8)
Support the effective delivery of strategy and operations at the Melbourne Biodiversity Institute
Student and Programs Officer $83,159 - $95,518 (UOM 5)
Administer and support the personalised MD program, ensuring quality service and seamless delivery.
Workshop Manager $119,742 - $129,607 (UOM 8)
Make your mark on the University of Melbourne's Infrastructure Operations Servies through Workshop management
Expressions of Interest - Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Scholarships (The Designing Learning Spaces for Diversity, Inclusion and Participation ARC Linkage Project)
Are you interested in researching the design of more inclusive learning spaces for students with a disability?
Cybersecurity Vulnerability Management Specialist $119,742 - $129,607 (UOM 8)
Lead vulnerability management and enhance cybersecurity posture through effective triaging, tracking, and reporting for optimal protection and compliance.
Student Leadership Officer, MDHS $96,459 - $104,413 (UOM 6)
Coordinate and support student leadership initiatives within MDHS, providing exceptional development programs and enhancing leadership skills.
Senior Graduate Research Officer (Admissions and Scholarships) $96,459 - $104,413 (UOM 6)
Drive MDHS Graduate Research success by expertly managing admissions, scholarships, and strategic relationships in our Graduate Research Office.
School Operations Manager (School of BioSciences) $139,693 - $145,339 (UOM 9)
Opportunity to represent the School in high-level operational matters.
Research Grants Officer $96,459 - $104,413 (UOM 6)
Join our team as a Research Grants Officer! Provide exceptional administrative support and high-quality advice to researchers, ensuring seamless grant management.

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