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Position Salary Closes
Assistant Lecturer, Gender History $80,258 - $108,906 (Level A)
Contribute to the ongoing excellence of the History program at the University of Melbourne
Research Assistant in Equine Science (Part-Time 0.2 FTE) $80,258 - $108,906 (Level A)
Provide technical support for fieldwork studies and gather training and clinical data from horses in the Equine Limb Injury Prevention Program (ELIPP).
Senior Disability Services Advisor $92,749 - $100,397 (UOM 6)
Opportunity to coordinate services for students requiring educational adjustments ensuring equitable access during their academic pursuit.
PhD Scholarship - CT and MRI Multimodal Segmentation of the Cochlea and Adjacent Anatomical Structures
This PhD scholarship at the University of Melbourne focuses on cutting-edge CT and MRI multimodal segmentation.
Research Assistant in Youth Mental Health $80,258 - $108,906 (Level A)
Innovative research: Supporting youth mental health in clinical trial for early-stage bipolar disorder at Orygen.
Indigenous Knowledge Fellow $217,805 (Level E)
Advance Indigenous Knowledge research as a Professor within the university sector, partnering with Indigenous communities and investing in research initiatives!
Service Delivery Consultant - Facilities and Maintenance $79,961 - $91,844 (UOM 5)
Expand the team's knowledge, gain hands-on experience in resolving service issues as a Service Delivery Consultant.
Research Fellow /Senior Research Fellow – Implementation Science $140,433 - $161,926 (Level C)
Join our team pioneering lung cancer screening research for impactful policy change
Program Manager - Implementation Science $115,137 - $124,622 (UOM 8)
Shape the future of lung cancer screening research in Australia through leadership in program management
Research Assistant - Momentum Study $80,258 - $108,906 (Level A)
Join us for hands-on trauma research with top experts, shaping the future of postnatal mental health care.
Research Assistant - Mental Health $80,258 - $108,906 (Level A)
Join us in making a difference in the lives of those affected by trauma while advancing your career in mental health research.
Contracts and Safety Management Coordinator $102,338 - $110,780 (UOM 7)
Make an impact by ensuring health and safety compliance within the University!
Associate Lecturer, Genomics (Part-Time) $80,258 - $108,906 (Level A)
Contribute to the delivery of undergraduate and postgraduate teaching programs within the School of BioSciences.
Admissions Manager, Future Students $115,137 - $124,622 (UOM 8)
Lead our dynamic admissions team, ensuring compliance and driving a culture of service excellence and continuous improvement.
Institute Manager, Bio21 Molecular Science and Biotechnology Institute $134,320 - $139,749 (UOM 9)
Play a leading role in strategic and business planning, including collection and analysis of information to develop key strategies and operational plans.
Bioinformatician, Melbourne Bioinformatics $114,645 - $136,136 (Level B)
Empowering bioinformaticians to pioneer in life science data at Melbourne Bioinformatics.
Senior Bioinformatician, Bioinformatics Training $140,433 - $161,926 (Level C)
Empowering scientists with data-driven research at Melbourne Bioinformatics, University of Melbourne.
Bioinformatician -Galaxy Outreach Specialist $114,645 - $136,136 (Level B)
Empowering researchers with cutting-edge tools for bioinformatics advancement at Melbourne Bioinformatics
Post doctoral research fellow or research fellow in mindfulness & mental health $114,645 - $136,136 (Level B)
Drive pioneering research in personalised mindfulness training shaping mental health outcomes.
Research Fellow in AI $80,258 - $108,906 (Level A)
Join us at CIS and lead impactful research. Collaborate, publish, and thrive in our supportive academic community

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