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Position Salary Closes
Coordinator, CPD & International Engagement $96,459 - $104,413 (UOM 6)
Coordinate CPD and international engagement at Melbourne Dental School, supporting strategic growth and professional development programs.
Associate Professor/Professor in General Practice
Leadership position with the Department of General Practice and Primary Care, within the internationally renowned Melbourne Medical School.
Computational Modelling Specialist, Climate Modelling Science $119,742 - $129,607 (UOM 8)
Provide technical expertise to support computational research and model development.
Indonesia @ Melbourne Blog Editor $76,210 - $83,468 (RA Grade 1)
Contribute your expertise to the only solely Indonesia-focused academic blog in Australia.
PhD Innovators Program Manager $119,742 - $129,607 (UOM 8)
Exciting opportunity to lead the end-to-end delivery of the PhD Innovators Program
Deputy Director of Medical Student Education (Echuca) $146,050 - $168,403 (Level C)
Strengthening rural medical education through collaboration and partnership at the RCS.
Digital Producer (ABP, FEIT) $106,432 - $115,211 (UOM 7)
Join a new and growing team, uplifting and shaping the web experience of the faculties of University of Melbourne.
Research Assistant
Pioneer youth mental health research and psychosis, while gaining hands-on EEG and clinical interview experience!
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Initiative for Peacebuilding $83,468 - $113,262 (Level A)
Join a multidisciplinary Research Initiative advancing peacebuilding and conflict prevention in the Indo-Pacific region
Senior Research Fellow, Initiative For Peacebuilding $146,050 - $168,403 (Level C)
Join a multidisciplinary Research Initiative advancing peacebuilding and conflict prevention in the Indo-Pacific region
Student Events Administrator $83,159 - $95,518 (UOM 5)
Make your mark! Bring your judgment and compassion to create impactful experiences for students and colleagues alike.
Senior Advisor, Global Learning $96,459 - $104,413 (UOM 6)
Work as part of the Global Learning team within Student and Scholarly Services to deliver the University’s overseas study programs.
Senior Advisor (International Governance) $119,742 - $129,607 (UOM 8)
Join us as a Senior Advisor and safeguard the global research activities at the University.
Clinical Trial Coordinator $83,468 - $113,262 (Level A)
Leading multidisciplinary trials to pioneer innovative therapies for complex medical conditions.
Marketing Coordinator $96,459 - $104,413 (UOM 6)
Coordinate integrated marketing and content initiatives across campaigns, channels and touchpoints to bring the Melbourne offer to life
Research Fellow, Neuroimaging & Computational Neuroscience $119,231 - $141,581 (Level B)
Advancing neuroscience to enhance treatments for anxiety disorders and PTSD
Planning & Reporting Analyst $106,432 - $115,211 (UOM 7)
Empower strategic decisions with data-driven insights across Melbourne Medical School.
Program Coordinator $83,159 - $95,518 (UOM 5)
Foster an Asia-capable workforce by effectively working with our team to coordinate and support the delivery of programs at Asialink Business. Shape capabilities and advance collaborative initiatives through your role as a program coordinator.
Research Fellow $119,231 - $141,581 (Level B)
Join us at the University of Melbourne to advance transgender health research and make a meaningful impact in the community.
Associate Director, Executive Recruitment & Development Senior Manager 1
The University of Melbourne is searching for an Associate Director, Executive Recruitment and Development to drive positive impact and advancement in executive recruitment and talent initiatives across the university.

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